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Why build when you can buy?

Deciding whether to build or buy an LMS platform?


Would you be able to build a truly Student-centred LMS in-house with 80% of all the features you need in two (2) years?


Have you estimated gross cost – time, personnel, money, emotional trauma for building an LMS in-house? Typical costs: dedicated design and development, project management, server, deployment, support activities, implementation process, training of lecturers, Cost of update and upgrade the system, loss of revenue due to delay in implementation and so on.


Have you checked if your ICT department is currently overwhelmed with building different applications instead of focusing on its core goal – implementing the university’s ICT policy?


Do you want ease and fast implementation of all courses on the LMS platform so you can start generating more revenue from part-time and distance learning programs?


Do you need a dedicated account manager to provide support including training and one-on-one sessions in partnership with your ICT department?


Overall, Universities like Stanford University, MIT which once built their own LMS had to switch to a purchased version because of cost, need to focus on their core mission and for richer student-centred learning. Can you say you do not want to learn from these top universities?

Your answers to these questions will help you to make the right decision

Why choose ARGVLE

Responsive Design

Full Customisation

World Class Support

Proctored Online Exam

Built-in Video Conferencing

Increased Student Employability

99.99% Uptime

Unlimited Storage

Back-up and Security

Get Everything You Need With Just One Tool

Our Learning Management System is the leading system with all the features and functionalities you need to ensure your students excel and your organisation thrive. With features such as virtual laboratory, plagiarism checker, live instructor-led courses and video conference integration, your students and learners can learn whenever and wherever.


Our dashboard comes with the best minimalist design that allows you to see an overview of the most important site information, access smart productivity tools, and data analytics for a brilliant user experience. You will easily identify items that require urgent action and make the right decisions.

Integration centre

We provide seamless integration with leading third-party systems for learning and collaboration. You can also integrate your tools on the platform. You will achieve the best mix of efficiency and learning synergy by accessing all your learning functions on the ARGVLE all-in-one platform.

Built-in-chat and Video Conferencing

Offers collaboration and the best learning flexibilities, with state of the art virtual classrooms experience and easy to use messaging and video conferencing features. You will boost engagement, training participation and easily connect with all users on the platform.

Mastery and Competencies

Do you have skills you want learners to gain after a course? Create skills and link them to assessments to evaluate learners’ level of competency. Track learner progress on a skills basis. As a learner, increase your employability, by creating standardised skill authentication reports, which can be used to prove your competency.

Analytics and Reporting

Obtain instant analytics and generate custom reports on metrics you want to measure to track performance, assess learning outcomes, and derive on-the-go answers to complex training and learning queries.


Learn what universities think about our product

I remembered seeing your mail and was instantly interested in the content and proposal. I had even shared the mail with Heads of Department in the faculty

Prof. Danjuma NM
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Highly commendable LMS e- platform

Prof. Mundi N
Dean Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, National Open University of Nigeria

I am impressed and excited that you are consultants to IT in Education in Nigeria. I’ve read your articles and other services and they are wonderful.

Professor Joshua E. U.
Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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