Our mission fulfilled through virtual classroom capability

Jul 14, 2022

The last article covered how we contribute to solving the higher education challenges in Nigeria. Our product, ARGVLE LMS, was introduced as an all-in-one learning management system around the West African higher education system for personalised outcome-based blended learning. Argyle provides cost-effective dedicated customer support and training that enables Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to achieve their strategic objectives of increasing revenue by 100% whilst reducing cost.

ARGVLE LMS will have up to 70 features when completed. Currently, it has over 30 features for teaching and learning. In this article, we introduce ARGVLE LMS Live Lecture, also called the virtual classroom, where online lectures are held and saved on the platform for students to access anytime.

The Virtual Classroom (VC)

Developed in response to universities’ request for a web conferencing feature with a whiteboard to meet the digital learning needs for their programs, be it full-time, distance learning or alternate lecture options. The VC feature allows lecturers to utilise presentation slides, chat, webcam, whiteboards, documents, and code tab during an online lecture. Lecturers can teach any course – engineering, art-related, architecture and computer engineering

Code tab

Screenshot of our Virtual Classroom feature showing the code tab for computer science-related courses. It has whiteboard and document tabs for the teaching of other courses.

Benefits of ARGVLE LMS

  1. Student-led learning: One of the advantages of a virtual classroom is that lecturers tend to default to interactive/facilitating teaching as a way of carrying all students along for proper classroom management. During live lectures, students may switch off their cameras, so lecturers tend to ask questions to confirm students’ attendance and understanding.
  2. Efficient learning process: Students have indicated that they learn better when they can view recorded lectures. With our system, recorded lectures are saved next to the course material making it easily accessible for students and lecturers. The goal of education is to impart knowledge and skills to prepare students for the real world. Nothing facilitates this above goal better when information is readily available to students. With recorded lectures, students can increase or decrease the playback speed for better listening and understanding.
    Better time management: Self-paced courses (where students can learn whenever, wherever and however) utilise recorded lectures. Students indicated that they plan better when given the freedom to learn independently.
  3. Increase capacity: The lecturer can teach as many students as possible, those that will and will not attend lectures. Globally, the number of enrollments in online courses is outpacing face-to-face courses. Universities can admit as many students as possible.
  4. Increase the quality of education: In-lecture discussions also increase the knowledge of both lecturers and students. Recorded courses allow for post-lecture quality control.

Are you working for a university looking to deliver some of your courses online and take advantage of visiting lecturers lecturing from their location? Are you looking at improving your part-time programmes? ARGVLE LMS Live Lecture is the answer!

We work with government agencies, NGOs and universities looking to rise to the Higher Education challenge through the use of technology. Government agencies or NGOs can sponsor a university to use our technology.

We will work with any university to make it the university of choice for prospective students that guarantees employability in the first six months after graduation.

For a software demonstration and technical proposal on ARGVLE LMS, kindly contact Opeyemi Ibukun at yemi@argyleedu.com.


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