Game Mechanics Learning Foundation for LMS

Jul 22, 2021

Game Mechanics Learning (Gamification) was listed by Flux Trend Insights, a South African based forecasting agency, as one of the leading business strategy trends. Also, the advent of COVID-19 has made this forecast applicable for education, especially for blended learning. Current statistics show that 90% of the population in Nigeria have mobile phone connections and a 50% internet penetration. It means that gamification can be incorporated in blended learning if universities in Nigeria decide to use an advanced learning management system (LMS) in teaching and learning.

Games have been used as a learning tool for centuries. For example, in the middle ages, Chess was used to teach strategic thinking. GML in 21st-century education has grown popular with Game-based-learning (GBL) and Gamification learning approaches. And to achieve the most out of a Game Mechanism on LMS the first foundation a user requires is clarity on the relationship between GBL and gamification.

What is gamification?
Gamification is the transformation of actual eLearning content into an educational game by using achievement badges, leaderboards, point systems, level progressions, etc.

What is Game – based elearning?
Game-based eLearning integrates online games into the learning process to teach a specific skill or achieve a learning objective.

The difference!
In game-based learning, the game is turned into a learning experience. While In gamification, the components of a game are added to the instruction method for learning.

Both gamification and game-based eLearning can provide your students with the motivation and inspiration they need to get real value from their learning. But the success of your GML lies in choosing the right approach so that you can achieve desired results and learning outcomes as significant as a whooping 90% retention and over 20% increase in skill development; just by simply catering to the specific needs of your learners.

Today, multimodal teaching models dominate global best practices for learning, and gamification ranks the fourth most desired LMS feature (Medved, 2015). ARGVLE LMS offers universities the opportunity to leverage the best of recent gamified education features through:

  1. Gamification:Create engaging courses that are fun and competitive where students can earn points, awards, and badges for completing tasks.
  2. Immersive Environment: ARGVLE LMS gamified features provide an immersive learning atmosphere that is perfect for the progressive world of practice and competency

Inspired by EdtechReview and Medved, 2015 | Image credit: Aleks Daiwer


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