How to handle the issues of student participation

Sep 25, 2023

In the heart of the bustling Lagos city, during the break session at an education conference, Hauwa and Kemi found themselves entangled with discussions on the challenges plaguing higher education institutions. Hauwa let out a sigh as she scrolled through the digital learning platform on her laptop. “Kemi,” she said to her, “I just don’t get the point of these technology-enhanced learning platforms. The students seem so disengaged, and honestly, I feel like I’m talking to a void.” Kemi leaned in, her eyes sympathetic. “I know exactly what you mean, Hauwa. I was in the same boat not too long ago. But things changed when our school adopted the ARGVLE Learning Management System.” Hauwa raised an eyebrow. “Really? What’s so special about it?” Kemi leaned back, a smile playing on her lips. “Well, let me tell you. Before we had the ARGVLE LMS, we were struggling with ERP platforms and school management systems brandished as LMS with clunky interfaces. Our course integration was a mess, and don’t even get me started on course registration and results. We even had to rely on a third-party web conferencing solution for live lectures, but we were stuck because, despite the tech tools, students were still not engaging.” Hauwa nodded, her interest piqued. “So, what changed?” Kemi’s eyes lit up as she began to explain. “It was when we brought the ARGVLE LMS on board. They reviewed our course outlines and found something we never realised – our courses were poorly designed with no flow or panache.” “Poor course design?” Hauwa echoed, intrigued. Kemi nodded. “Exactly. You see, our management initially thought investing in the skills and training needed for digital pedagogy was too expensive and time-consuming. But we were wrong. The ARGVLE LMS support team delivered one-on-one coaching sessions where they broke down our courses into understandable milestones. Instead of lengthy topics, we had sizeable bits with high-quality content.” Also, the course content was interspersed with quizzes to serve as breaks and reinforce understanding of key concepts. Hauwa leaned in, captivated. “And then what?” Kemi’s smile widened. “I started using my lectures to stimulate discussions about real-life applications of the topics using project and problem-based learning. With ARGVLE LMS’s analytics tool, I could track each student’s participation and engagement level in each learning activity. “That sounds interesting. But what about the live lectures?”, said Hauwa. For live lectures, I use ARGVLE LMS, and it is essential to record them so that students can watch them at their convenience. It makes my work much easier, as I make the recordings available for subsequent sets. Before I forget, adopting gamification does wonders. Students get rewarded for completing milestones and gaining skills and badges for their achievements. These rewards motivate my students to go the extra mile and explore beyond the reading requirements.” Hauwa, curious, asked, “How do they respond to that?” Kemi grinned. They love it! The rewards create a sense of accomplishment and encourage healthy competition. Students now see their progress and skills, making learning a rewarding experience. “Wow, Kemi, that sounds engaging.” “Absolutely Hauwa! ARGVLE LMS also supports various content types, including videos, virtual sessions, PowerPoint, and PDFs. It’s interactive and dynamic.” “Wow, Kemi, I’m truly impressed by how this platform has turned things around for you. The way you’ve described its impact on course design, engagement, and even live lectures is inspiring.” “I’m glad I could share this with you, Hauwa. It’s truly been a transformative journey. I’ve seen my students become more involved, motivated, and excited about learning.” Hmmm, “I can definitely see the value in what you’re saying. It’s clear that this ARGVLE LMS addresses the issues we’ve been facing at our school. I’ve been longing for a solution like this.” “Absolutely, Hauwa. It’s not just about adopting technology; it’s about adopting the right technology that understands the unique challenges of education and provides effective solutions.” “Well done, Kemi! You’ve convinced me. I think my university needs to explore ARGVLE LMS further and if the tool is as great as you have just described, I am certain we can adopt it at my university. Can you help me get in touch with their team?” Kemi grinned. “Definitely! Do not be left behind, jump on the revolutionary train taking off in Nigerian higher education. Join Hauwa and be part of your school’s team that can recommend a robust solution to her challenges. We are offering free three-month trial licences for interested universities to test the usage of ARGVLE LMS in creating courses and improving student engagement. For full details on this offer, contact us.
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