LMS Tips on Implementing Effective Microlearning Strategy

Apr 28, 2021

“Young people use tech in a different way from adults and that’s why we need their input” – Caroline Allams, Natterhub

Microlearning has long been used in education despite the conflict of its origin. It focuses on delivering education in bite-sized learning units of information to allow students to control learning at their own pace.

Top 3 tips to optimise microlearning for the benefit of your students

The secret of all tools lies in how they are used. There are many ways to use microlearning, and more methods evolve daily. For not so conversant users, here are three (3) tips to consider and best optimise microlearning results for your universities and learners:

Tip #1: Use your microlearning to improve your learner’s ability: The intent of Microlearning is not a preoccupation activity or just extra work to fill up time for the learner. Hence, microlearning should be intentional to allow options of flexibility, clarity and control for learner diversity.

Practical Action – Create an avenue for students to choose or create their learning path based on their abilities, and you will see them flourish.

Tip #2: Use your microlearning to improve the learner’s brain energy: Students are increasingly overwhelmed for numerous reasons. Good educators provide tools and materials to sieve out extra or irrelevant work. Microlearning provides lessons in short bursts and gives students the motivation to learn. 

Practical Action – Make your microlearning videos and graphic material be under 2 -15mins (Only go above 8 mins if it is a complex topic) of reading or watching with clear key points or summary. Take note of how your learners respond to materials less than 5 minutes and those longer. 

Tip #3: Use microlearning to make learning available 24/7: Access to smart-learning content whenever and wherever makes learning convenient; increases engagement and retention of knowledge. It increases the culture of learning continuously, interweaving it into everyday living. Even more convenient is making learning content accessible from mobile devices. 

Practical Action – Use an LMS with microlearning functionality. Store or make lessons easily accessible for learners/students whenever they choose and see how your learners perform.

Do not let learning with great tech tools be a daunting experience. Choose an LMS provider that can support your transition and learning needs. ARGVLE LMS provides exclusive support for users. 

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