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Class Style

You can create a self-paced class, instructor-led or blended class style to suit your
student audience. It is easy to create and deliver simple & complex content.

class style

Easy to use content creation templates

Easy to reuse existing courses and programs as templates for new content. This makes content and class creation a breeze.

content template

Customisable portal

Design a custom portal to match the branding of your organisation and showcase your organisation and activities. The portal uses an easy to use front end page builder making it very easy and intuitive to build and add content to your portal pages.

customisable portal editor

Customised dashboard

As an admin, teacher or even students, you get a customisable graphical dashboard with custom information displayed based on your user type.

Customize dashboard

Gamification (Badges and Awards)


Exams and assignment options

With over 10 types of assignment and exam options like quizzes, essays, surveys, etc, you can evaluate the students easily. ARG-VLE is also integrated with plagiarism checker solutions to ensure the quality of submitted assignments.



With built-in reporting templates, you have the option to create custom reports covering specific student attendance and many more.


Centralisation and Administration

With centralised resource centre, you can administer and reuse the same content and resources over and over again. Changes to the resource at the resource catalogue update it across the whole platform making it easy to manage.


Built-In Chat and Video Conferencing

With built-in chat, video conferencing, forum and blogging functionalities, you don’t need to purchase any additional application. Use the chat and video call functionality to instantly connect with users that are online or send a chat to them which will be received as a notification should they be offline.


Intuitive text editor

text editor


Admin security

Integration centre

We have integrated multiple third-party applications with the system making it easy for you to connect your existing applications and data to the system. We have APIs which allow you to have access to the data within the system.

Integration centre

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