The world’s most advanced LMS

See how our modern suite of tools and features effectively bridges the gap between current student excellence and workforce success.


A revolutionary all-in-one LMS

Explore our customizable, scalable features that ensures every student, class, teacher, and future can thrive using class and content creation, user-friendly portal, proctored exams, intuitive text editor, and more.

Customize classes and learning

Create self-paced, instructor-led, or blended classes to suit the needs of your students based on algorithmic employability data.

class style

Create courses with simple templates

Easily insert course content with a single click using existing course and curriculum templates that let educators focus on student success while making content creation a breeze.

content template

Explore custom portal designs

Design a custom portal to match your organisation’s branding and showcase your organisation and activities. The portal uses an easy-to-use front-end page builder making it very easy and intuitive to build and add content to your portal pages.

customisable portal editor

Monitor progress on all fronts

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or administrator, use our custom dashboard to gain valuable insights and information on courses, tasks, enrollment, grades, calendars, and much more.

Customize dashboard

Engage with gamification

Award students, encourage greater engagement, and promote student/teacher success with gamification features customized for your curriculum goals.


Streamlined exams and assignments

Evaluate success and prepare students for career success with 10+ assignment types and exam options including quizzes, surveys, essays, exams, and plagiarism-checked submissions.


Simplify reporting

Use custom reporting templates to effectively assess student attendance, activity, engagement, class completion, course status, and more.


Centralise management with admin resources

Use our resource centre to administer course content, utilise real-time data, and scale your learning management system to suit the evolving needs of your organisation all in one place.


Built-in chat and video conferencing

Ensure student success regardless of background or preference with a wide variety of communication features including video conferencing, text chat, forum, and blogging.


Utilise an intuitive text editor

Both students and teachers can leverage our intuitive text editor for easy collaboration, task completion, and assignment submission.

text editor

Secure all data

Designed to keep all course activity, student information, and organizational data safe, secure, and private.

Admin security

Integrate with existing apps

Seamlessly integrate your current apps and platforms into Argvle to improve student outcomes without interrupting existing coursework.

Integration centre

Transform educational success with ARGVLE

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