The ARGVLE Quality Mark

Oct 13, 2021

You know our unique selling proposition. This article explains it. ARGVLE LMS is an all-in-one learning management system for all your learning, teaching and administrative needs. It covers three learning stages: pre-, during- and after- learning.

One great value of the ARGVLE LMS experience is that it is bespoke for clients. Learning Management Systems go beyond just features and functionality. At Argyle IT and Education Limited, we emphasize excellence and have a skill mastery culture. For each client that purchases our platform, we train their users to be competent and provide dedicated EdTech personnel on campus for customer support.

With this approach, our onboarding quota is for a few universities in a given year. We will onboard four universities for quality assurance from now till December 2022. We currently have a state-owned university that has taken up one slot, with payment received. For the remaining three slots, we will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What do our onboarding and training services entail that makes it market-leading and offer the best value for money?

  • Personalised Implementation Structure – We provide LMS training implementation teams and plans designed to your Edtech goals.
  • Change management – We provide change management that presents LMS to users as a tool to help them improve their productivity rather than replace them. We utilise the ‘What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)’ approach.
  • 360-degree Dedicated Support Cover – Our development and routine training cover all stakeholders and end-users from the university management to students.
  • Digital Learning Mastery Programme – We provide a digital learning course where lecturers practice the fundamentals of Instructional Design. They get the confidence and skills to design, build and roll out high-quality eLearning courses.

We stand by our commitment to stand with Universities in Nigeria. Our onboarding and training programme empowers you to deliver on your mandate. With a good understanding of our ‘Customer Support’ services, purchase our platform and enjoy the above benefits.

Contact us to reserve/purchase your LMS!

Note: Reservation is not guaranteed. We yield reserved spots to paying clients.

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