The Benefit of Student-Centred learning

Aug 19, 2021

Last year, we discussed meeting student needs through student-centred learning. One of the great goals of today’s education system is to teach students how to get information through research instead of giving it to them directly. The rhythm of learning is shifting, likewise, the value system. These new trends have embraced the benefit of learning through trial and error. It has reduced the negative connotations of ‘mistakes in learning’ and transformed the teacher and student learning partnership. The student-centred learning approach is now a global standard for developing independent and critical thinking, problem-solving skills and increasing engagement for 21st-century learners and professionals in the workplace.

Learning has shifted from the traditional learning approach to an approach that considers students to have their unique approach to learning and the potential to design learning processes that are meaningful for them. But a learner-centred approach does not eliminate the role of the teachers in education. It simply means lecturers are facilitators of learning where they provide concepts and provoke creative thinking in students, which helps build metacognitive knowledge alongside factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge.

You may ask: how can I implement a learn-centred approach or student-centred learning with the administrative workload, pressing demand for research time, large classes and other pressing needs? This is where a robust digital foundation is required. A foundation that involves an all-in-one learning management system that empowers you with simple and robust tools to create engaging course materials with better student learning experiences. This system should empower you to collaborate with your students both asynchronously and synchronously. The system should take care of administrative workload and allow the reuse of course materials (do update your course materials with new knowledge).

ARGVLE learning management system offers you the benefits of a student-centred approach, increased productivity and much more. Some of the benefits of a student-centred approach to learning include:

  1. Fosters deeper learning interactions between you and your students
  2. Eases student’s transition from the classroom to life after school
  3. Improves students’ communication and collaboration skills, which is essential for employability and entrepreneurship
  4. Advances your students’ ability to think and work independently
  5. Increases student interest in school activities and education in general

What are your thoughts on the student-centred learning approach, and how do you apply them in your classes? Share your experience in the comments section.

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