Third-party LMS Data Privacy and Security

Apr 14, 2021

FAQ: “Would third parties access vital student data on a third-party LMS platform purchased for my University?”- Anonymous

JobaMy response is a double No!

Do not worry, I will explain the reason behind the double response in a bit. But first, I will introduce myself. Hi, my name is Oluwajoba Mogaji from the technical team here at Argyle IT & Education. It is a pleasure to handle our second up and personal release for the year. Even more exciting is the fact that this post is a high priority topic within the e-learning community and one of our leading FAQs so far.

Back to my response, the first misconception to settle about the question is the assumption that it is a dumb question. No, it is not. On the contrary, it is a brilliant question to ask. That is why my team and I advise prospective clients – never purchase an LMS without knowing its security and Data Policy practice.

The second misconception is the assumption that a third-party LMS provider has a service right to your data and information system as owners of the platform. No, they don’t. Accessing your data or information without permission is a legal and ethical violation of your right and privileges (GDPR 2019).

You may ask – who then has control over my database and information on a third-party LMS. The answer is simple, You and your university (that made the purchase). It means that your university provides overall administrative support and controls who gains access to your data after you’ve given them your permission.

So, are you considering purchasing a third-party LMS like ours that would suit your teaching and learning needs? Cover the basics such as; online portal security, authentication management, IT and data privacy policies, and the LMS user structure, roles and permission rights.

ARGVLE LMS system meets GDPR 2019 requirements and is secure for diverse forms of Learning and Educational programs. Contact us for a demo today!


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