Transition from Manual to Auto-grading

Aug 29, 2023

How a lecturer can save time using ARGVLE LMS Assessment and Grading – A short story.

Hi John. What is it with the forlorn face?”

Kemi, it’s that time of the academic year when I need to set examination questions. I am dreading the marking. I have a minimum of 200 students in the three courses that I teach.

“John, do you know I do not have such a problem anymore since our university adopted ARGVLE Learning Management System (LMS) for teaching all our courses, whether full-time, part-time, foundation, postgraduate, or distance learning programmes? Initially, I did not support using the platform, but the benefits outweighed my fears.”

John, at the beginning of the semester, I divide my courses into distinct units, each of which can have its milestones and assessments of the student’s mastery of that unit’s requisite skills and knowledge.

“Kemi, it seems you are now a salesperson. Are you sure the product is that good?” My university once tried using other platforms with limited success. It was just not user-friendly.

“Oh come on! Me, a salesperson? I wouldn’t mind if the company paid me to market their product, but that is not the focus. With this platform, you can be in charge of the whole learning process at your university and be able to test your students as often as possible to assess their knowledge in their fields of study.

“This platform is user-friendly. As I am thinking of how to structure my course into distinct units, I get ideas on questions to ask.” I simply document them in the Resources/Question Bank section. I can simply pick up these saved questions from the library. Sometimes, I can get inspiration from my colleagues’ Question Banks when they share them with me. This is so life-saving. I learn from others and don’t have to do it all on my own.

John, imagine being in complete charge of the educational process at your institution, allowing you to provide frequent opportunities for students to test their understanding of course material. This is just the tip; the gradebook is easy to use yet advanced. I can assign graduate assistants to each grade. I share the marking criteria (rubrics) with them to guide their mark allocation. For integrity purposes, I see who last graded an assessment, and when and where the score was changed. I can easily defend my score allocation in departmental, faculty, and senate meetings. You need to try the gradebook to grade your work. If I set up quizzes (tests or continuous assessments) or exams, the platform can automatically assess the work so I can teach as many students as possible, enabling me to support the part-time and distance learning programmes. I now do what you see in those online courses, where quizzes are given to students to reinforce learning concepts. I simply automate the number of attempts and set the maximum score students must get to go to the next lesson. Amazing!

John, do you know what? At this time of price increases, I can make more money as my university can use this platform to increase student enrollment in distance learning programmes and commence professional short courses.

Before I forget, another unique thing with the gradebook feature on the platform is that the university can make students anonymous on the platform during examination periods, so I don’t have the burden of being biased.

Kemi, if I did not know you, I would say you were lying to me. Anyhow, what is the name of this platform?

John, it is ARGVLE LMS. They are new but have a strong vision of quality education that empowers our students to think for themselves. They are working with selected universities committed to raising higher education standards. You can contact them to learn more or request a demo.

Kemi, thank you so much for this information. Cheers!

Don’t just take only Kemi’s word for it, this August the Argyle team is offering a customised demo opportunity for universities to experience a live sample run on the ARGVLE LMS. Would you like your university to be considered for a free demo? Contact us at

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