User Experience – Does it matter?

May 12, 2021

User Experience (UX)” is defined as how easily different users can engage with a software/platform. The UX equation for LMS is the intuitiveness of the user interface, its ability to scale and adapt to changing training needs, which influences how anyone can utilise the tool with ease.

For universities in Nigeria to survive profitably and succeed with the teaching and learning of students, they must carefully consider how effective and engaging their IT infrastructure is to achieve their five (5) or ten-(10)year strategic plan. An LMS, being a critical IT infrastructure for administrative, teaching and collaboration amongst other uses, has to be engaging to make learning engaging for students, course development easy for lectures and data analysis and visualisation easy for administrative and academic planning. We will consider why you need to consider user experience for students, lecturers and administrators.

  1. LMS User Experience for Students: At the learner’s end of the user’s spectrum, commonly known as the front end users, they rely on accessing training materials and instructions on the platform. Their User Experience has a significant impact on knowledge retention and real-world applicability. So for complex UI with navigation glitches, confusing navigation controls, and a low intuitive dashboard, bridging access gaps and improving task performance becomes difficult because users will struggle with getting the information they require. But a great user experience cuts through the frustration, stress, and increases student’s performance outcome, and subsequently increases your reputations with potential learners.
  2. LMS User Experience for Teachers/ Lecturers: One of the challenges lecturers face is spending a lot of time teaching with little or no time for research that furthers their career. It should make sense that when an LMS is being introduced, lecturers productivity and satisfaction should be a top priority. Since lecturers rely on the LMS to develop, deploy course materials, teach and communicate online, a well-designed User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) will save countless hours. These hours could be spent on either content development to ensure a high-quality training experience for students or research activities.
  3. LMS User Experience for Administrators: As an administrator, achieving an improved student learning experience and increased lecture productivity are sure to increase your profitability. Since it is a numbers game, an LMS that makes data analysis easy with better data visualisation that is customisable will help with faster decision making.

You may ask – Would ARGVLE LMS offer a great user experience for all stakeholders? The answer is Yes, and some of the reasons are (two presented):

  • Intuitive and modern design – spent a year and thousands of dollars painstakingly design the UI/UX of the system. The aim was to make it visually appealing for a better user experience
  • Lecturer focused – Powerful features to easily create engaging courses without any design or advanced IT skills. Simple workflow to reduce repetitiveness for increased productivity.

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