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Nov 10, 2021

The following past articles: How to Purchase, The ARGVLE Quality Mark, What is the value of an all-in-one LMS, and LMS Global Market Analysis have been quite the journey, all referencing and showcasing the value ARGVLE LMS brings to Universities and learning institutions.

You may have decided on purchasing or recommending our platform to your university, but still wonder – what do I get with my ARGVLE LMS Purchase? This article guides you through our massive feature and support services that accompany a purchase. Explore the three (3) main categories of functionalities provided to our clients:

    1. LMS Features – ARGVLE LMS is an integrated e-learning platform that supports administration, teaching, learning, research, publishing, library services and laboratory practice with access to over 65 tech features, integrating 1500+ apps through Zapier for learning solutions. Click here to see a detailed description of the product features
    2. Support Service Features – A purchased plan on ARGVLE LMS gives you dedicated and routine training with other arrays of implementation support services for maximum use and benefit of your system; some of these features include:
      • Personalised Implementation Structure: It covers our bespoke training and implementation teams and plans designed to achieve the client’s Edtech goals.
      • Change management services and tools to help clients to improve their productivity.
      • 360-degree Dedicated Support: It covers all stakeholders and end-users – from the university management to students.
      • Branding: We can customise and style the platform interface to meet brand style and other personalisation needs.
    3. Mastery Value Features – The ARGVLE brand is focused on employable learning outcomes and provides bespoke solutions for a competency-based learning experience. To this end, we can offer a professional diploma in digital learning courses and training, as well as skill-based tools for developing industry-specific and transferable work skills. Some of our offers for Lecturers, school support teams and administrators include training on instructional design, course content creation and design, and the rollout of the management of high-quality e-learning courses.

Close out this season’s LMS search by contacting us to purchase your very own ARGVLE LMS plan and enjoy the benefits of a rich spread of system functionalities, dedicated support and bespoke learning services.


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