ARGVLE Onboarding

Nov 24, 2021

Purchasing a new LMS has long term implications and this often scares higher institutions when deciding on taking a third-party provider option or even changing from an LMS that is not suitable for their needs. One way to navigate through this stage is to request the implementation plan for training your lecturers when making inquiries about the provider to use. A robust plan should consider support after the initial training period as most people do not remember what they learn during training, but support or training on the job greatly helps to retain knowledge and increase competency.

We currently have a client that we are onboarding. This is what we promised and are currently delivering to make sure they have a robust digital foundation for hybrid/blending learning based on student-led education.

  • Preliminary Set-up (Implementation and customisation): We agreed requirements, received branding requirements, and are currently setting up their system for deployment next month.
  • Deployment program: Proposed two types of training program.
    • First training on ‘Theoretical aspects of digital learning and instructional design’. This training is outsourced and delivered by one of the world leading training organisations on digital learning. Training will be for selected lecturers and ICT staff that will form part of the Learning Technology team in the university.
    • Second training for all lecturers and students using ARGVLE LMS on ‘How to use ARGVLE LMS’ course. This is a hands-on course that shows lecturers how to use the platform to create either teacher-led courses, online courses, blended (combination of online and teacher-led) courses and microlearning courses. Teachers will be taught how to make materials visible, how to use video conferencing and whiteboard for lectures. Students are most likely to be technologically aware so may need little or no training. However, the course will show them how to enroll, take and attend courses.
  • Post deployment support: This sets us apart from other third-party providers. We provide an Education Technology consultant that will be part of your Learning Technology team based on campus to support your team, lecturers and students. The consultant will be with you until the end of your contract. If you choose to renew your contract, he/she will continue to be there for you.

Trust us today with your virtual learning needs! If you purchase and are not satisfied with our system and training needs, we will refund all money paid to us.

Contact us for a demo and reserve/purchase your LMS slot for the 2022/2023 academic year!

Image credit: Andrea Piacquandio


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