What is the value of an all-in-one LMS?

Sep 30, 2021

What is an all-in-one platform? It is a single platform with a set of software tools that allows an organisation to manage every aspect of a specific effort. It also means being able to integrate and access third-party software from a single platform. An all-in-one Learning Management System (LMS) platform allows organisations to create great student learning experiences from a single platform.

An all-in-one LMS should allow you to

  • Admit students
  • Allocate resources
  • Create and manage content
  • Deliver synchronous and asynchronous teaching sessions
  • Analyse data and measure impact
  • Integrate with your existing solution

Even though you get an all-in-one LMS, it does not mean it can do everything. As we explained in one of our previous newsletters, your needs and requirements come first. Check your needs and requirements against what a third party all-in-one LMS offers.

Why ARGVLE LMS is an all-in-one LMS?

When designing ARGVLE LMS, our focus was on lecturers and the future of universities in Nigeria whilst guaranteeing a great learning experience for our students. We strongly believe that we should not compete with universities by creating course content. Instead, we created features that enable universities empower lecturers to create engaging course materials, which is theirs. Our universities are still the ivory tower of knowledge. At Argyle IT and Education, we strongly believe in universities in Nigeria. Every member of our team is a product of the Nigerian University system.

So what makes ARGVLE LMS an all-in-one LMS? There are three learning stages every student goes through – Pre-learning, During learning and After learning. In designing our system, we considered all three stages:

  • Pre-learning stage: Mostly have to do with admitting students. Here, students apply, their applications are reviewed and shortlisted, pays fees, register for classes. Our system has the following features/software tools for this stage: Catalog, where students can view all the courses you offer, read information about its contents, requirements, fees, and employability (i.e. what they can do after graduation). E-commerce for taking payments. Assessments for admission examinations. You can decide to keep your existing admission portal and integrate it with ours. You can do this through API integration with your student information system (SIS) integration.
  • During learning stage: This is divided into two:
    • Create content and deliver lectures: Offers a variety of digital pedagogy that empowers lecturers to create engaging and student-centred courses. Our system was designed for lecturers with little or no computer knowledge. The user flow for creating course content is simple, with tips for guidance. Features: Messaging and Chat, for student-lecturer collaboration, the assessment feature has 16 questions types for testing student’s understanding. HTML editor and H5P integration to create interactive course materials,
    • Increase student employability: The bane of unemployment is not that there are no opportunities in Nigeria, but graduates are unable to effectively market themselves to employers or apply skills gained to create new businesses. We have three key features to solve this – User profiles, designed with inspiration from LinkedIn, which equips students to create engaging profiles on LinkedIn. Competency/Mastery, help your students track skills (technical and soft) gained when they attend lecturers, deliver tutorial classes, take assessments and do homework. Portfolio management, manage student best work to showcase their competency to prospective employers.
  • After learning stage – Alumni management system: Alumni is an untapped resource, which universities are not maximising. Alumni can be mentors to current students, provide contacts for ICT, give lecturers research and development opportunities, donate money or equipment, return for further education. With our system, you can gain maximum benefit from this untapped resource. You can allow alumni to access course materials for reference purposes, which will aid and consolidate learning.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Analytics and reporting: Directors of Academic Planning have critical roles in learning organisations, as they provide strategic leadership of Academic Services. Dashboards provide engaging data visualisation at a glance. Report and custom reports, experience intuitive reporting resources at its best, with a rich repository of reporting templates and API access for data integration and deeper data analysis.
    • Integration with third-party systems (Virtual Laboratory): We are in discussions with leading virtual laboratory providers in the world to integrate their solutions into our system. Your lecturer will be able to teach practicals in the following subjects – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, Anatomy, Neuroscience, Animal Physiology, Human Physiology, Pharmacology, Psychophysiology, Medical and Pre-Med and Exercise Physiology.

Please note that these AGRVLE LMS features provided are not exhaustive, the platform has over 60 features. We have made efforts to meet the needs of universities looking to transform their teaching and learning experience to meet the needs of the 21st century. We have chosen quality over quantity. These features have won us two awards from Heriot-Watt University and are now finalists at the UK biggest funding competition – the Scottish Edge. In July 2021, a leading government agency engaged us to provide our solution to a university in Nigeria.

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